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The countless knee injuries in female athletics was what inspired Athletic Performance Coach Sean Panado to start 4sight Academy. Several of Sean's favorite athletes growing up suffered from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), or meniscus (knee cushion) injury; and more interesting, all of these individuals were women. It was after reconnecting with who would be Sean's third childhood hero to have undergone a knee surgery that he realized a demand for change.

After collecting surveys from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and gathering input from strength and conditioning coaches, it was clear that the sports community was either experienced or familiar with women's susceptibility to season-ending knee injuries. However, there were seldom resources for young athletes that addressed the issue. 4sight Academy seeks to educate the next generation of athletes and inform parents about how to reduce the risk of lower extremity injuries.

Furthermore, female athlete empowerment is an integral part of the mission of 4sight Academy. With complete honesty and without shame, Sean attended a private all-boys high school. He loved supporting the sports teams of the nearby private all-girls high school. It did not take long for Sean to understand that there are amazing elements from girls' sports that are not present in boys' sports, and vice-versa; thus, the two must be appreciated and respected in different ways. 4sight Academy will never stop empowering female athletes because every young athlete deserves to be supported, encouraged, and inspired to strive for success.

Lastly, foresight is defined as the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future. As a UCLA bruin, Sean often shouted "four's up!" in reference to the school's famous 8-clap cheer. The name of 4sight Academy is a combination of the initial research from UCLA and the vision of empowering the next generation of athletes. As long as you don't mention USC or yell "fight on!" around the Trainers and Leadership Team, welcome to the 4sight Family!

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