"Sean has been great. He puts a lot of time into his craft and it shows in his workouts. A lot of his techniques are shifted towards the specific athlete's needs and habits. What we worked on directly transferred to how I move and function on the court. I'm very happy to have worked with 4sight and I will continue to follow its success!"
- Jaylen Hands, NBA / G-League Player


"My daughter had the pleasure of attending the Middle School Combine this year [2019]. I was very impressed with the coaching, communication and overall fun that the girls had each day. There was a cooling down moment at the end of each camp day that had the girls recite words that are crucial to every young lady. The daily reminder that they are strong, beautiful, intelligent and enough was the icing for me. This camp assessed the injury prevention on top of skill and physical play, and my little 6th grader had a blast. We are ready for Sean and his crew next year! Thank you for what you do!"
- Melinda Siva, Mother


"Ada has been to many camps, even the Golden State Warriors' camp in Oracle Arena to the clubs local here, and this is pretty much the best camp she's been to. I'm impressed because it's so integrated and it reaches every area of them... I am forever grateful and I invite all of the parents, you have to bring your daughter to this camp. It is one of those camps that shifts consciousness that really gets the girls to value what is most important to be successful in basketball and in life. It will be a transformational weekend. Trust, come, and you will be very glad that you did because it was completely worth it.
- Kora Sanchez, Mother


"The 4sight camp my daughter attended was very well organized. The emphasis was on proper body mechanics and injury prevention. The coaching staff was engaged with a well-planned coach-to-athlete ratio, so important details didn't get missed. My daughter was able to immediately apply what she learned during her scrimmages. Her smile was worth a thousand words. Good work, 4sight!
- John Brackett, Father